I've loved him for 2 years, time to give up? or keep holding strong?

kinda long but the detail is necessary.

Well, I've loved 'R' since July 2009, although at the time he didn't seem to return my feelings.

At the beginning December 2010, we started talking a lot online, after a week of talking every day he asked me if I wanted to meet up and chill with him and some of his mates, so I did happy to be friends, and had a great time just hanging out.

When we next talked online he said that next time he saw me he had something to ask, something he really didn't want me to say no to.

Next time I saw him it took me half the night to get him to ask me what he wanted, encouraging him that I wouldn't say no, and so he asked me if id go out with him, of course I said yes.

During our relationship he told me that he did like me back in 2009 but his friends hated me and they wouldn't let him go out with me (talk about peer pressure).

Our relationship lasted 3 weeks (short but for me, those 3 weeks were heaven).

Two days after He broke up with me, he found a new girlfriend, they have now been together for 7 months,

The other night, I had a drink up with some mates and at about 1am are and his mate J showed up, J left an hour later.

By 3am all of my other mates were asleep (or passed out), and it was just me and are awake.

R and I stayed up till 7am, just talking. He hugged me 3 times during the hours we spent in my lounge room talking, the really close really long heart felt hugs, and at once point I almost started crying from happiness of just being so close to him.

At one point we got sorta bored, so I challenged him to an arm wrestle, commenting on how strong his arms look, Our arm wrestle (just one match) lasted half an hour, and he only won because my wrist cracked really bad (and still hurts).

We talked about a lot of this, but I think he was most interested in asking me if I still liked him, and it took him awhile to get a straight answer out of me (which was of course "yes!").

My question is, should I just keep holding on and at least be friends? or should I give up?

P.S I have dated other guys during the 2 years but I have always had really strong feelings for R.

I've loved him for 2 years, time to give up? or keep holding strong?
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