Does he show signs he likes me?

Everyone that we know things we are dating each other and they always asks us even restaurants they think we are a couple. His brother will be like so hey I didn't know you guys were dating and my guy friend will respond I didn't know you and Karen are going out all red. I know this guy since we were 10 and now we are both in our 20s but we still remain good friends. I know about things he has done in college and I know he has been more open with girls at his school. I talked to him about guys that I been attracted to and he says to me I could do better or like recently when I told him about a boy who I meet told me to move on and forget

about this new guy I met. After I asked him opinion about this guy as friends he would text me constantly day to day for about two weeks. So we return from school and the feelings start back for

him and he can make me fun like no other., but when we see each other he doesn’t hug me like he

hugs other girls. I would sit next to him on a couch and he would stand, or when my friend will ask him to take a picture together he will act like he didn’t hear or whatever. I have asked him who he

likes and he gets red and avoids the question. Although we know each other so long he won't tell

me face to face. Sometimes I think he likes me but other times I don’t. he's not a clingy texter just normal every so often. he's not affectionate and sometime I think he doesn't like me and other times

I think he doesn't. My friends think he does and I think he does to. Does he show signs he likes

me? Like recently he would text me and ask when we are going to hang out, we do and he picks me up at my house but we just do what we plan don't do more like lets say dinner if its a movie its just a movie. I just have a great time with him he makes jokes I laugh and sometimes makes fun of m
Does he show signs he likes me?
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