I thought we could be friends...?

There is this guy I like a lot even though I should've moved on because I believe he did. Anyway, we used to flirt, text... well you get the idea of how a girl and guy act around each other when theyre into each other. Just to inform you, he a couple of years older than me. I was at the gym working out and he was doing his session (he's a personal trainer) with some guy. I noticed him but did not want to make eye contact for some reason and by doing so I decided to watch TV but I noticed him looking over and he kept walking back and forth near the guy's area, the one he's training, but I still didn't give him my full attention. But when he walked passed me, he didn't look or anything, as if I wasn't there. I was looking and waiting to say hi or soemthng but he just walked on by.
I thought we could be friends...?
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