Would I look stupid if I gave a guy my number?

this guy at my college is my age. He's super cute and nice (we first met when I ordered an omlete and he made it scrambled but we laughed it off and I told him not to sweat it.) Since then I guess he recognizes me and smiles at me a lot and looks at me in the eyes for longer than usual and just a few days ago he finally started a conversation, but about the weather and I made some lame joke and he laughed and looked into my eyes. When I left he handed me my food and looked me in the eyes and said, with a big smile, have a nice day. Then once, I order from someone else and I was going to smile at the guy, but he never looked over at me and he didn't seem to happy or something, I don't know. He did something similar the other day, when I ordered form someone else, except he kept looking over at me, and when I saw him I smiled, but he seemed blank. Then when I left, we ran into each other and as he passed we gave each other a shy smile.

Yet, when I order from him directly he's seems so happy/nice and gives me the biggest smile, but he doesn't smile at others the same way. I know this because I see it. Even another day my friend ordered something and he was nice, but didn't smile much, but after he gave her the order he looked at me and said "have a nice day" and when I ordered I asked him what sport his hat was from and when he said baseball I joked that's why I don't know since I have no clue how baseball works and he laughed so hard and gave me the hugest smile. I know we just look at each other, smile, and laugh, but could that mean I should give him my number? What if he's just really nice?
Would I look stupid if I gave a guy my number?
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