Should I tell my best friend that her crush likes me?

Here's the story, way back when I was in 7th grade I had a crush on an 8th grader named Josh. When I was in 8th grade, he was in high school, and so not seeing him everyday, I kinda forgot about him. Then I get to high school and we become friends because after he went out with one of my friends, (I didn't know about that until later) he goes out with another one of my friends (the two girls werent too close as friends--so it wasn't awkward). So Val (the second friend) broke up with him because she heard my best friend liked him (and because she's a lesbian and wasn't happy). My best friend is the type of girl who doesn't really like people and so therefore she doesn't crush on people often, in fact, that was the first time I ever heard she liked someone that way. Josh, my best friend, and I all had lunch together and I began to get feelings for him again. In June he told me that he liked me and I didn't know what to say. I like him, but my best friend likes him too. And the girls he's previously dated, I'm friends with. I am a strong beliver in the girl code, which is why I checked several times with all of his ex's if it'd be ohkayy and they all said yes (it's been like several years for all of them). So I'm gonna be a sophomore and I can date this year and I want to know if he's off limits. Also, should I tell my friend even if I don't end up dating him? And am I betraying her if I do?

Side notes:

I never flirt with him--he liked me on his own

Josh--scene/emo style, really obnoxious but funny, jokes about sex, should be on family guy personality, can actually be serious...sometimes xD, plays baseball and soccer, and is really cute.

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Sorry for writting my life story xD

obviously this is stressing me out too much >.<
Should I tell my best friend that her crush likes me?
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