Did I ruin my chances with him?

well the thing is I went out with this guy for like a month but then my half cousins came 2 visit and one of them decided to flirt with him obsessively and I noticed that he let her and flirted back a couple times so I confronted him and he still kept doing it so I broke up with him </3 anyway we've stayed friends and were actually really close now and I've forgiven him, anyway he lives about an hour away and we usually go visit my grandma which happens to live in the same neighborhood, every time I visit he goes around and tells all our friends tht he's still in love with me and how amazing I am and he always breaks up with his girlfriend when I go but he never asks me out again , a couple months ago we went 2 visit again and he was about 2 ask me out but I didn't let him because he had JUST broken up with his girlfriend that night( yes it was for me he told my sister), :( we went home the next day and I didn't talk 2 him for about a month I'm truly in love with this guy but I was afraid that if he'd ask me out I would say yes and get hurt again even though I know I can trust him :/ anyway I must have sent him a million srry emails and he forgave me! :D but I still can't help but wonder if ill get another chance after tht b*****y thing I did so do I still get another chance? HELP
Did I ruin my chances with him?
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