LWould you consider this to be romantic?

Ok, so I would like your thoughts about this. I'm planning on doing something really special for a girl that I truly love and care about and I would like to hear your opinions and tell me what you think...

I'm taking a girl to new york city for the whole weekend, she's never been there before and she told me that she always wanted to go. So I decided that I'm gong to take her there for her birthday weekend..She has no idea what's in store for her because I told her its a surprise.

I like to be wild and spontaneous so this is what I came up with..

I'm gonna start off the day by showing her around the city, taking her to times square, going to the wax museum, and whatnot or just simply getting lost in the city sounds like a lot of fun. Then later in the evening, I'm taking her to a dinner cruise. which takes you all around the city showing amazing views of Manhattan. We get to dance, drink and eat all through the evening and since the its gonna be in the evening we'll get to watch the sunset together(My favorite part). Also, since I bought the first class package we have our own private area which gives us time to talk and reflect on our day. I'm also gonna have the waiters surprise her with a dozen roses that I sent for her. After the cruise (if we're not too wasted) I'm gonna take her to this very romantic dance lounge that I heard so much about...And we're gonna continue to drink and dance the night away...we both know how to hold our liquor so just letting you know in case you guys worry haha...

anyways, the next day (if we're not too hungover) we're gonna relax and take a horse drawn carriage all through central park and we're gonna have a picnic in my secret spot that I use to go all the time when I was a kid.. I also have other fun activities in mind too but anyways, to top it all off...I'm going to take her all the way to the top of the empire state empire and again watch the sunset together...

I don't really care about how much money I've wasted...I'm willing to waste millions of dollars if I have to...the only thing that does matters to me is seeing that amazing smile on her face...

anyways, what do you think? good plan? I would like to hear your thoughts...thanks and god bless :)

oh and by the way this girl is actually a friend whom I'm hoping to turn into something more... ;)
LWould you consider this to be romantic?
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