Can't work him out? Confused?

I am confused over a work colleagues behavior .

I am female & he's male. I noticed over time that he was giving the odd wink, compliment, stares. I am quite shy so I decided to send him a friend request through Facebook 2 break the ice. While we were friends on Facebook I did try & ask him if he was interested, after a few days of him acting all shy at work 2wards me, he responded sayin, "sorry if there was any misunderstanding".

Several weeks passed and I still got looks/stares, but when I tried askin him via Facebook how he was (in a casual way) he didn;t respond, but I still kept getting the looks/stares in work from him. I then decided to ask him via Facebook if we could talk. I did this 2 get to the bottom of things & cause speaking 2 him in work is a big no no as he his NEVER on is OWN.

As soon as he got my message via Facebook he unfriended me without even giving me any reason why or even hearin what I was going 2 say. That was 3 weeks ago. Since then I have gone into work & tried 2 keep out of his way and blanked him, but the more I do this, the more he tries to acknowledge me even to the stage where he even makes an excuse to pass me on purpose so he can do this.

I'm confused. Plse Help

P.S I don;t know if he his single or not.

Can't work him out? Confused?
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