Does he really love me?

So,I recently met this guy at church camp, I'm not normally one of those girls who just falls for every guy, when I first met this guy I was very stand offish and really did not feel a need to talk to him and kind of blew him off.

Over the week at camp a couple of people proceeded to tell me that he really liked me but I "dissed" him so now he was crushing on someone else now, this moment was when I started to actually fall for him so I started to flirt, I didn't notice any one girl around him any more than myself, he told me at the end of the week that he really liked me, and talk to me constantly for the rest of the week.

On the last day of camp he told me that he really was going to miss me and just hugged me good bye and left it at that, its been about a week since we have been home from camp he lives an hour and a half away from me,

Day1 home from camp he told me he really does like me and that he wishes that he could see me.

Day2 he told me the same thing as day one and I mutually agreed

Day3 we found out all about each other and figured out what we have in common which turned out to be a significant amount of things.

Day4 he told me how much he enjoys talking to me and that he Loves me I told him that I have only dated 3 guys and only said I love you to two of them and it took me a couple of months and he told me that I didn't have to say it then he just wanted me to know that that is how he felt about me.

Day5 we talked as usual and at the end of the conversation he said he loves me and I said it back without even thinking and the conversation ended, It really feels right to say I love him even though a lot of people say I'm to young to love anyone.

Does he really love me? How do I know if this is truly how he feels? Is the distant going to affect the relationship?

All I know is that I constantly feel the need to talk to him and he is constantly on my mind.

What do you guys think? Do people really fall in love this fast? Would you say it's true love or just two teenagers?
Does he really love me?
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