He dominates me psychologically; I run away!

This is more of a story than an inquiry...

I met this guy last year. We saw each other once a week. We were cool at first. Then I noticed that he always tried to outshine me - in, like, whatever I did and said. Like, when I said something good, he said something better next time. He was also observing me and often criticized me. I thought he just did not like me. Later on, I realized that he was doing that to get my attention - not as a friend, but as a romantic partner. He flirted with me, made me jealous, did some PUA moves, complimented my body figure, and all those things that hinted he wanted to make love with me...

It came to the point when I feel suffocated by the attention. Not sure if I like him or not, but the whole thing did not make me feel comfortable. He was always staring dreamily and making notice of the smallest things I do, like, even a simple smile.

I started feeling anxious when this particular day we meet comes. I get headaches for no reason. And I experienced heartaches whenever I think of how he was toying me (like all the girls who have gotten close to him, whom he left hanging after some months of being closed together as "friends"). But what I hated the most was how he was affecting me psychologically. I lost my focus.

To help myself, I stay away from him by not going to that particular weekly activity where we meet. And I cut contact with our inner circle of friends just so he cannot communicate with me anymore. I want to get my peace of mind back. Sometimes, though, I stare at my phone or check my email in anticipation of him making contact with me.

My question now is: What is wrong with me? How should I react whenever this same situation happens again. I feel like a loser for running away, but that seems to be the only way out to keep my sanity...
He dominates me psychologically; I run away!
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