His mom is starting to stress me out?

I love my boyfriend with everything that I have, but there's always this constant stress when it comes to his mom. He's not a mama's boy or anything, it's just every time I do anything, I almost feel judged by her. He knows I'm having a hard time with her, but it's starting to become too much. Especially when I'm worried about him when something happens(something big, not little), she thinks I shouldn't..and not in the comforting, "oh, he'll be alright, don't worry", but just I don't know. Like he was out of connection for reasons I'd rather not say, and couldn't get ahold of me, but got ahold of his home...well she decided to tell him I wasn't worried, as if it were stupid for me to worry...then today, after such events, when I saw him, I basically attacked him with a hug...and then she came in the house(my house...) and basically said for us to stop...as if it were stupid for us to hug like that...not really getting to kiss him because of her being there, in site...didn't help things...i don't know...it's just really getting to be too much lately...and the last thing I want is for her to ruin us...not that she'd convince either of us of splitting, just the strain of things...
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Also, weird thing, is she seems to like me...like her and I will have actual conversations, half the time about him who she thinks is screwing up...she's mentioned us taking a break so he could get things back together...and says there's nothing I can really do for him(as if being at least a support system, doesn't matter). Sadly though, when she talks to me about him, it's very rarely in high regard...so I feel the need to support and stand up for him against his own mom...
His mom is starting to stress me out?
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