What's wrong with getting a pedicure with me?

so I've been wanting to go get my first pedicure for a while now and I keep tell my boyfriend about it. well he, like every guy, seems uninterested in it. well I keep talking about it anyways and he always changes the subject.

well this morning his dad woke him up early and asked him to go get a pedicure with him, and he immediately got up and went and got his first pedicure with his DAD without even thinking about it, when I've already been talking for months about wanting to go get one.

so I am wanting to know is, what is the difference of him going with his dad to get his first pedicure done, than taking me so me and him could have experienced it for the first time together? when I reminded him that I wanted him to go with me he said he was unaware that I was wanting to go do that... when I've been talking about it for months... :(

the little things are what really matter to me nd he just doesn't understand that. :( and it made me cry... but he still went with his dad and didn't care how I felt.

What's wrong with getting a pedicure with me?
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