Why hasn't he texted me after flirting?

Ok, so I sort of like this guy. I got to know him more. One day he started flirting with me. I'm 17 and hadn't kissed anyone yet, because I don't like anyone in my school. I asked him what we would do at the mall because he wants to hang out. He said we'd make out alot. He was being dead serious. I told him I never kissed anyone and he said he would teach me. He was flirting really hard that day,

I don't feel like typing the rest lol. It's too long, But its been a week and I texted him twice. Not everyday because I don't want to bother him. But he didn't answer back to me. But on his profile be it telling all these girls his number and everything, he flirts with them too it seems like. So why hasn't he texted me back?
Why hasn't he texted me after flirting?
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