I ended my relationship with a girl even though I still had feelings for her?

I met this girl a little over 6 months ago and it was a long distance relationship. I've never met her in person but we did plan one day to meet. I have seen and talked to her via Skype pretty much every day since we met. We really had no problems at all for a long time, of course we had a couple of arguments but under a handful over the 6 months and they never got out of hand. We enjoyed each others company to the point we'd just talk to each other for hours and hours. We both agreed that sex before marriage wasn't a big deal as long as we loved each other after we met (we are both virgins). She is however very religious and after going on a vacation for a month she randomly told me one day while she was away that she wanted to be chaste until marriage. I felt at first as if she was playing games with me because we had already agreed but then when she got back she explained that she went to a bunch of churches and that helped her make her decision. After being told this I only had a couple of options as far as I was concerned because she gave me two weeks to think of this.

1. Forced myself to go against my own ideals and change to hers, which for the most part wasn't such a great idea because there are so many different barriers I would have to take chances with (long distance, physical desires, other girls, time to get married, getting along in person, etc.)and all that is minus the fact that I would had been completely out of control of this "relationship" by meeting her expectations becoming something she wants instead of who I am while she isn't fulfilling my desires.

2. Pretend that I would meet her expectations and just sleep with other girls since it is long distance and she would probably never find out.

3. Pretend that it was fine that she made that lifestyle decision but try to convince and seduce her into having sex with me before marriage anyways when we meet. I personally found this decision wrong but it was probably the best decision for me since I'd rather have sex with her than random girls where I'm at. Even if we did have sex after meeting I didn't want to chance it that she would regret it.

4. Leave her and tell her the truth. This is the one I chose because I really didn't end it alone, we somewhat both did, she changed for the worse and I couldn't deal with that because of all of the circumstances that surrounded my decision.

Marriage as far as I'm concerned wasn't an option yet. I'd like to know a girl for at least a couple years before getting married to them. After telling her that it was over we both cried and she told me that she respected my decision gave me no conflict and hasn't messaged or talked to me since. Even though I know I made the right decision I can't stop thinking about her because I had very strong feelings for her. I don't know what I should do from here, do I really just move on or should I wait for her to talk to me, or talk to her in a while from now? I would really appreciate any advice.
I ended my relationship with a girl even though I still had feelings for her?
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