How good are you at making friends?

I'm alright at it. I used to suck because I used to be way too shy, but my whole life I've been really friendly with everyone I've gotten to know a bit better. In the past (maybe from about Grades 3 to 6) I only made friends by having people approach me and be friendly to me first because I was super shy around people I didn't know (granted I did make some amazing friends that way, by having them approach me, lol :P). Now I feel a lot more comfortable around people even if I don't know them, and I've been able to make friends way more easily. I'm going to summer school this summer for the first time in my life, and within the first week I had made two really good friends, so that's some awesome progress for me :) (and hahaha they didn't have to approach me, I approached them... woohoo :P). Anyway, what about you guys? Do you find making friends easy, or okay, or difficult?
It's easy and natural to me
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It's so-so... it's a bit tough but it's not bad... it's not something I dread
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It's tough to make friends. It feels awkward and I feel too shy/nervous/anti-social.
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Other - I'll explain in an answer
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See results because I'm a party pooper and I don't want to vote
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Oh and by the way for myself I think I fit in with choice B of my poll. I used to be a serious C and now I'm B and not too far from being a low A haha.
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It's definitely tougher in certain situations. Like, for me at summer school I was the only one from my home school at this summer school, so I didn't know a single person there. Plus most people there already had friends there and they just hung out together and it would be kinda awkward to just slide in there and be like "hey everyone" ha ha :P. One kid in my class was just sitting by himself playing on his cell phone though, so I was able to go up to him and talk to him.
How good are you at making friends?
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