We agreed no guy should come between us. How should I handle this?

So, I have had a boyfriend for almsot 6 months. Yea I made the mistake of cheating on him, only once with my best guy friend. We held hands my hand in the car but I didn't let go.

Well my best friend and I are also Best friends with this girl named Anne. We were all three waying the same night my best friend and I held hands. In the middle of the conversation, we came to a point were we were deciding weather or not to tell Anne what happened so we told her to hangup real quick and we will call her back,

So we talked about it and called her back later. We did not tell her. Soon after that drama started between my best guy Friend, Andrew. He started trying to make moves on me and flirt with me. I told him that holding hands thing was a one time thing, I could not bear to cheat, Because I am in love with m boyfriend.

A few weeks went by and the drama became too overwhelming to handle, I told my best friend tyler about it. And withen these few weeks my boyfriend and I broke up for 3 days over a silly arguement, and Andrew kissed me. Once we got back together, tyler said I should tell my boyfriend Andrew is trying to steal me.

So tyler called him with me. I told him he was flirting and I am trying to set him straight, and I assured him I would not cheat. Then my boyfriend said, I already Knew this stuff.

"How?!" I said. "I can't tell you, I promised her I wouldnt." He told me. He said that someone I was close to sent him messages on Facebook saying" Andrew likes your girlfriend and flirts with her, and I think your girlfriend may like him. You should break up with her before she hurts you. Just read her Facebook messages." He said he didn't listen to the messge, and never got on my account. He wouldn't tell me, until I guessed who it was.

It was Anne. My best friend. After we got back together she yelled at me, saying I was stupid. I got so mad, I turned to my friend Tyler, and said" we got some hacking to do." We went to my house and figured out her password, then scrolled through her messages. Wrong I know, but she is a backstabber.

I read the ones of her and my boyfriend. Just like he said, but more detail. Some messages I could tell were deleted though. They have never even met in person, and have no reason to be talking, Yup, just like what he said. The messages dated The day AFTER we held hands, so I got kinda fishy.

I remembered her saying she told all her problems to a girl named hannah. So I looked at their messages, and on there she addmitted she didn't hang up the phone that day and heard us talking about holding hands. And when my boyfriend and I broke up, Andrew and I had talked about dating. I asked anne if she would be okey with it. She said ya, but in her messages, she had a big problem with it. If she would have said" Yea I have a problem with that," I would have respected it Because we agreed no guy should come between us. What a bitch. I wanna bring this up, but is there a way without saying I hacked her account?

We agreed no guy should come between us. How should I handle this?
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