How to deal with a crazy jealous wife?

Hello everybody, I'd like to know how to deal with a extremely jealous person , in my case my wife, which is really giving me hard time.

She's always convinced that I'm looking at other girls or even older women whenever we go somewhere or even when we watch TV or a movie. It's extremely hard to deal with, especially when I know I'm not doing anything to make her jealous. I'm not the type of man that looks around at other girls, at all, especially when I'm extremely satisfied with my wife. I really think she's very attractive (of course I married her for that too) and no matter what I tell her everyday, nothing works. No matter what I do, how many sincere compliments I tell her.

She gets quiet, jealous, moody, mad at me and it's useless to say that all this affects our entire relationship negatively.

I'm a very positive person and allot patient but this limits our freedom allot, places to go, things to do, at home or outside.

I'm not even one of those man that say "hey I don't look" but they do, I really don't look because I feel very lucky to be with someone like her considering appearance, attractiveness and, when she's not moody, fun.

I started changing allot because of that, I'm less funny of course, often moody and quiet too, and I think I'm losing that spark that makes everybody unique, different and interesting. This makes me afraid of losing her if I change too , because I don't like the way my behavior is changing. I'm afraid of everything now, from turning the TV on to watch a bike race on TV to going out with her for a date.
How to deal with a crazy jealous wife?
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