My friend tells really weird lies?

I have caught her in lies saying she hung out with a certain person when I know for a fact she didn't (one time the friend was in jail the day she said she hung out with him!) Anyways, those are things I sort of brushed aside, it was nothing to hurt me, just to make herself look cool or something.. whatever. But now I am seeing her lie about really weird things, like her brother has autism (Her mom even talked about it with my mom). But she is totally in denial and tells me he is that way from drug abuse. Also I believe she is lying to me about her mom cheating on her dad. I don't know what to make of this, I try not to get involved and I don't want to call her out because I could see her having a break down and being mad at me for not trusting what she says... stuff like this just make me want to distance myself from her and move on to other friends... she is a great person, but these weird lies make me feel so uncomfortable being friends with her... what can I do?
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she has never done anything to hurt me, she uses these lies for attention, like she wants me to feel bad for her because her parents bad relationship, she has a past of trying to commit suicide , so I'm worried about saying anything that would hurt her
My friend tells really weird lies?
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