Can being too honest hurt you when it comes to dating?

I was out in a club with my friends and I was talking with this one woman and she wasn't drinking and neither was I and we were having good conversation. She said something regarding how when a man asks for a woman's number they'll give it to them, just to get the guy of her back, but most of the time when a guy would call and the woman isn't interested, a woman won't return the call and just leave the guy hanging and let it fade out, she said it's not right and it's a crappy thing to do but that's how it goes. So I told her that it seems like you don't have any confidence or self esteem to tell the person straight up you're not interested and that how would you like it if a guy did that to you and that doesn't feel good being on the other end and she became a little defensive by telling me that, if you're that honest and blunt you no woman would date you. So I said to her be that as it may, but at least I can look myself in the mirror and sleep well at night and be someone that doesn't play BS games. I'm the type where if a girl is interested in me and I don't feel it, I'll be straight up and say, I'm flattered but not interested and yes the person would feel rejected and no one likes it but it's part of life, but I think a person would respect you more if you're honest with them. Any thoughts?
Can being too honest hurt you when it comes to dating?
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