Why he never asked for my number..? =(

I recently met this guy online and we've been chatting for a few weeks now. He seem like a very nice and unlike other guys I met online, he never get very flirty or dirty or disrespectful. He's a bit of a shy and conservative guy I think. But there are times when I can sense a bit of flirtation from him. But I don't if that means he's interested or not. Some times I start the convo, sometimes he start it first. I think he recently got dumped Because its obvious from his profile description. I think we connect very well however he never ask for my number, unlike other guys who asks even at the first chat -.-

He also chat using his iphone and he say its something like text messaging- so I assume that's one of the reason. I want to know if he's interested in me or not at all. but the fact that he can hold very long online convo with me that might be a sign? at least I hope so.

sometimes it seem like he want me to like him..i know its weird but I'll give you examples of conversations...


me: I want to sleep but I cant..urrgh..

him: maybe you try and sleep and if you can't you can continue texting me OK

me: OK..but what if I text you and you're e one who sleep already? haha

him: then you try and find ways to sleep yourself.. y you're afraid you'll miss me?


me: hey go to sleep. you're working tomorrow rite.. =D

him: that's so sweet of you for concerning about me..


me: ...i woke up at 3am to check my hp and saw you online...haha

him: you wake up to check your hp or check if I'm online or not? hehe

me: no sir I just happen to see that you're online

him: but you still remembered me right when you woke up?

OK I might be a bit lame for posting the convos..but anyway.. from some of the convo you might think he's cocky but no he really isn't..might be the way I rephrase the message he gave me. he's more of the innocent type of guy..that I'm sure. so what do you guys think? is there hope for me or no way at all?

thank you guys =)

Why he never asked for my number..? =(
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