Why is he being so confusing?

Ive been texting this guy in my grade for a long time.. He possibly still likes me but neither one of us has said anything really. But usually he's all happy and trying to keep the conversation going (usually). Like if I don't answer for like 10+ min then he'll be all "Hello?". And he's always the one to test me first. So he obviously WANTS to talk, right?

And this has been going on for a few months now, almost everyday, pretty much from when we get up (10-11am) to when one of us goes to bed. (1-3am). But then today, he was busy at some youth group deal and he didn't text me until like 9:30 pm. And whatever I was fine with that. But what pissed me off was that he said "Hey" like he usually did but he wasn't trying to keep up the conversation at all... I tried playing random questions (I went first) then I was like "hey your turn!" and he said "I don't have one" What the hell!? Way to be a total buzz kill.. and then he was acting like he was in a bad mood and he ended up just going to bed way early!

I'm just.. so confused. Why is he all of the sudden being so.. boring and like he doesn't wanna talk!?
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**What do you think of this situation, too?
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If he didn't wanna talk then why the hell did he start the conversation?
Why is he being so confusing?
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