Can I 'check in' on Facebook without having a smart phone or fb app, just from my computer?

is it possible to check in places on fb from computer?

have you guys ever heard of laptops? jeez.
thank you to CrystalMinds! she found the solution :) I wish I can award 2nd best answer

'I think with the new lay out from Facebook you can. It's in your statusupdate and you can mention where and with who you were there'

for those of you that wrote negative answers, I hope you grow up to respect people one day and learn to have a heart. There are no such things as stupid questions. This site is equal to everyone and open to all kinds of questions. I'm currently working in new york and love dining out at restaurants and visiting tourist attractions, and Facebook helps me keep in touch with my friends and family back home. If you're not a Facebook fan, then don't use it, stop hating on people that do use it to keep
in touch with their loved ones that live far away.


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  • I think with the new lay out from Facebook you can. It's in your statusupdate and you can mention where and with who you were there :)

    • omg! I think you're right thank you so much <3 you can tag places and friends

    • Yeah, I don't know if that's what you meant?

      No problem ^^

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  • Like "I'm at home on my computer"?

  • I don't think so. Even Googling it, I can't find a way. You'll just have to write a status and link the location after you search for it.

    • okay thank you

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    • no problem, you're one of the few people on this site with decency and respect <3

    • Oh. If I actually wrote statuses I would have known that. lol I've avoided it after going back to the site.

  • If you use Google Chrome. You can use an App in the browser to view & update FB without ever going on the site.

  • Does your laptop have a GPS device?

    • does your head have a brain? do you know what google maps is? geosense? macbook?

    • Yes, and I work as software developer. iPhone has a build in GPS device, that is why you can able check ins with iPhone. There is no check ins in PCs because PCs don't have GPSs. Of course you can mark with Bing Maps but then people would cheat so they don't want to push such thing. Also note that you cannot use Google Maps with Facebook because Facebook works with Microsoft. You can emulate iPhone from your PC and then you can use check ins but I won't tell you because your comment is a bit rude

    • lol that's all right, I have it figured out. and by the way, iphones are not the only phones with gps.

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  • i used to have the same problem, I tried this link on google called touch dot Facebook dot com (sorry I'm not xper 4 so I can't link but basically type it on google) and it seemed to help, but you have to use it with firefox or google chrome

    i have an iphone now so its easier to check in :)

    • i tried that it didn't work, thanks anyways yea I'm waiting for my contract to end so I can get at&t

  • Yes.

  • of course you can...