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I can't stop thinking about my ex boyfriend. How to get through this?

I dated this guy for like around three months. We enjoyed each others' company. Chemistry between us was amazing. We even went away together and that seemed to have also gone well.

Then we end up breaking up a few weeks later because he felt that I could not handle his busy schedule. Plus he still is not ready for something serious after his break up last year.

I did get a bit weird on him at times but that was because I felt like I was being led on and we barely spoke or saw each other the last few weeks we were together. I had no idea what was going on. He did say he was busy, just did not realize how much! Now I know would relax totally more and give him the extra space he needs but he did not give me a chance to.

Now I am doing the no contact thing. It has been a week and have not heard from him at all.

Apparently we are still friends. He said he wanted to remain friends and we can catch up and stuff. I never responded to that because I was really hurt that he did not want to work things out. We still have each other on Facebook and stuff but I blocked him so he would not come up on News Feed.

His friends that I met still have me on Facebook as well and still on good terms with them. Have also become good friends to the girl that introduced us. I met her through another friend the same night I met my ex. Not letting our break up affect that friendship. Told her that. She was glad and the feeling was mutual there. LoL. Saw she has proven she does not get involved with us either which is good.

While I have been keeping myself busy. Checking in everywhere on Facebook and friends have put photo's up and it really does look like I am keeping busy and having fun cause I have been! My friends have been great support during this time.

He says something could happen later on down the track with us if we do remain friends but not at this time. I am not holding my breath but and will go out and keep an eye out for other potentials.

This guy just really threw me. He went all out the first few weeks we were together and then I barely saw him. Just wish there was a bit more honesty from him at the start. Sigh. We have one or two mutual friends as well now. Hopefully things go okay there.

I still can't stop thinking about him. Keeping myself busy and stuff but feel really sad that things did not work out.
I can't stop thinking about my ex boyfriend. How to get through this?
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