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When a girl treats you differently?

So I have noticed that this girl is like a different person when she talks to me. While she is the quiet type when she doesn't know people, she can be very chatty and pleasant once she gets to know them. I mean, I have known her the same length of time as everybody else but she still looks nervous when I talk to her. When she talks to others she is very relaxed and asks questions, smiles, jokes and seems to be enjoying talking to them. When we talk, she seems nervous and jumpy, she listens and asks questions but she rarely smiles and will keep saying stuff like "you are not funny" "you are a nerd" "you are annoying" and making sarcastic comments most of the time. She can have the exact same conversation with other people and not drop any of those adjectives. If I ask her why she is like this to me she'll either say "oh my god, stop it" or shush me real loudly and tell me to stop talking and usually she'll get this big smile on her face when she thinks I'm not looking at her, what's going on?
When a girl treats you differently?
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