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Should I make a move?

I like a girl , she is 17 and the problem is .. she's been in a relationship for about a year, when her boyfriend decided to study abroad.She hadn't seen him for about 5 months.Her cousin is my best friend and he tells me everyday , how she talks about me..That she really likes me , that she thinks I'm hot , etc.

When her boyfriend was still here , she told her cousin that ,if she broke up with him , she would certainly go after me.Then later, not so long ago , my friend heard her talking with her mother about me and her mother thinks that we should be a couple .When we meet she is really flirty , there obviously positive body language.I'm 100% she likes me.And I'm thinking about asking her out , but as I said , there is a stupid problem - her boyfriend who hadn't been with her for 5 months and is planning to live in the country he moved to..

What do you think?
Should I make a move?
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