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What do smiley faces mean?

So I recently have been hanging out with my ex. Most of the initiative to hang out has been on my part. I have tried to respect the possibility that she may only want to be friends with me, so we have just been having breakfast every other Tuesday because we are both off that day. The last two times we have been out she has offered me to taste oj (because it was fresh squeeze and really good - I guess). On the second to last time we were out she told me to give her a kiss (which isn't as usually as it sounds because she use to typically give me a kiss on the check when we weren't dating). But when I leaned in to hug her she didn't give me a kiss on the check. And then the last time we were there were points where she was really playful with me - like somehow I started to play with the little ball up piece of paper that came from the the top of her straw and she tried to steal it from me. And then there a like little changes in her behavior - like I have been trying to keep in contact with her for a long while now. Most of it has been through text message and we don't really talk anymore besides me sending her a text asking if she is going to be free to meet on the Tuesday's that we meet. And then we text for a little bit - a lot of little jokes here and there, but she is always the last person not to respond. But anyways, I am a terrible speller and she never says anything about it. But in the last week she keeps correcting my mis-spellings. (Which probably means nothing but I just find it different that she wants to jokingly give me a hard time about it). Then, she's Spanish and I always joking say one or two random words in Spanish to her - which usually is pretty bad and not at all how you pronounce the word. But she has never tried to correct me on how to say it before. So I said pollo in spanish to her and she was like no, its pronounce like this. And she was really persist on making me say it right. Then I don't drink, but most of the people that she hangs around drinks a lot. When we were together she was like its good to be around me because she doesn't really drink around me because we just don't have to. So the last time we meet she was just telling me how she wants to stop drinking. So I feel like there are a lot of things that might make it seem like she is still interested but I'm not sure if I am making to much out of it. I feel maybe I am making to much out of it because in the past three weeks she has only called me once. And she isn't shy about calling me, we use to talk on the phone everyday for at least an hour or two - just talking about nothing at all. And then there is the fact that she is always the one who stops texting me. But then again, for the past two times we agree to meet up she has sent me a smiley face reply. I checked all my past messages for the last two months and these two smiley faces are the first time she has sent it to me. So I don't know, what do you guys think?
What do smiley faces mean?
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