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Why did guy ignore me?

GUYS: I don't get it. There's this guy I work with but don't see very much. When I see him and there aren't many people around he acts like he freaks when he sees me and tries to find anything to look at or focus on (as in looks like a dear in headlights then looks down, to the side, anywhere but my direction) but when there are a ton of people and he has to do something close to me he looks at me with a devious look and grin while he does it. I'm attracted to him but not after him. I even saw him out with a couple (he was the third wheel) when I was out with the girls ...I tried to be nice and break the ice by smiling and saying hi as I walked by but he did the usual and find every way to ignore me . What do you think about this?
Why did guy ignore me?
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