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How can I be more attractive to the ladies?

I'm an 18 year old guy and haven't had much luck with the ladies. I mean, a few girls like me, attractive ones even, but I don't feel the same way, so don't want to lead them on.

Not sure if it's my personality, or something else. I have a sort of unique, quirky personality that is unlike pretty much anybody else. I'm a big jokester, and love making friends, even though I'm pretty quiet and introverted at times. Like, I make an effort to be social and meet people, but that doesn't change that deep down I'm an introvert. Still, around my friends, I can be pretty open and social. I value friends and family above all else and love doing nice things for people.

I try to take care of my appearance, and not sure if the issue is that either. I'm 5'9" and skinny, but like being that way. I'd rather be skinny than overweight, and work out by running every day. On my profile, you can see a picture of me. I look miserable just because it was blistering hot in the summer lol.

So I guess that narrows it down to my approach. I do admit sometimes when first meeting someone, I come across as a nervous nellie, but that's just because I have a lot of nervous energy. I usually calm down once I get to know someone and am actually kinda confident. In the past, my approach was to immediately flirt and show interest. Yeah, that didn't work out too well with scaring away many girls. So now I've just been basically being a friend to girls, while looking out and responding to any cues (body language, comments, etc.) that they might be interested. If not, that's okay too because at least now I have a friend out of the deal :)

So yeah, that's basically a description of myself. I try to look at myself objectively and look at everything, so any advice or feedback on how to be more attractive to the ladies would be much appreciated. I find that girls my age often times go for the guy with big muscles, but lacking in the caring department and who might like them for more shallow reasons.
How can I be more attractive to the ladies?
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