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Should I try to find out what happened?

I have been communicating on a regular basis with a guy that I met a little over a year ago. when we met I was married but having difficulty and he was just out of a relationship. We never got together but would text or email each other sometimes more than others. recently I have separated from my husband(not because of the guy) and he had told me he was single. we ended up meeting out for drinks and had a great time and kissed a fooled around a little. after, he continued to text me daily as if things were pretty good. three weeks later he asked me to go out again and we texted the whole day. he said we would meet at 8 and he would text me. I never heard from him - at all. I drank that night alone and ended up sending some texts that were nice at times like, I hope you're OK and others that were like, you sh*t! I also drove to his house and threw prophylactics in his driveway - we talked about being together. the following morning I got a very generic email from him that said he was in an accident and his phone flew out the window. well I read the texts I had sent the night before and texted him that morning just saying how embarrassing! and he ended up texting me back! (weird since he didn't have his phone, right?) it was early the next morning too. so later in the day I called him and he was super nice and said he thought it was funny about what I threw in his driveway and told me about how he was at the hospital until 2am. I admitted I was having a bit of hangover anxiety and he got it. we always communicated very well and I felt pretty good when we hung up and he said he would talk to me later. well it's been two weeks and I've heard nothing, at all. another key to all of this is that I rarely initiated texts with him - he pretty much contacted me every day first. my question is: should I just try to get over this whole thing and move on or should I try to find out from him what's going on? do his actions show more than any words he may have spoken or written over the past year? I keep remembering the nice stuff but this whole accident thing and not reaching out to me anymore is just hard to handle. but I'm just dying inside that I don't know what really happened.
Should I try to find out what happened?
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