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Should I be worried about my friend?

I am very worried about one of my best friends. We have grown very close over the past couple of years but recently she has been wanting to spend a lot more time with me. She is a very good looking girl and has never had any problems dating boys, she has always gone out with boys. But last week she was over at mine, and she was sitting next to me on the bed, we were watching a movie and she put her hand on my upper thigh. I thought she hadn't realized that she'd done it so I just left it, but later on that night, she started to unknowingly make me feel very uncomfortable, she was very touchy feely. The other day we were having a day to day conversation and she told me that I was gorgeous and that "her feelings for me had grown a lot recently". I'm not sure how to take this, I may have taken it all in the complete wrong way but I am worried. How should I handle this?
Should I be worried about my friend?
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