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Did I mess things up somehow and that's why he is ignoring me?

So, there was this guy... he told my friend he liked me and so for the past few months he has been really friendly, caring about things in my life, always giving me hugs, he gave me a bracelet he found just about two weeks ago, he would walk me to class and carry my books. He introduced me to all his friends and they would make comments about us sometimes. There has also been a bunch of rumors. Anyway, recently there was an opening night dinner after a play. (we are theatre students at our college) So everyone got all dressed up and we all hung out. Basically the entire night we were constantly hanging out and flirting. He made sure I was able to get to certain places (I get lost a lot) During this time one of our common friends made a odd comment about us and then made the shape of a heart with his hands and the guy I'm talking about pushed him away. I thought things were going good. A few days before that he even got my number.

Then suddenly things changed. One day he just gave me a side hug as he was leaving and called me "kid" and then he stopped hugging me altogether. The next thing I know he just plain stops approaching me and when I go up to talk to him he still talks to me similar. When we went to a restaurant three days ago he pretty much ignored me except for when he was going to get me a chair and when I cameto talk to him. He even texted me saying I should have said goodbye. (I rushed out for family reasons.) Today he just totally acted like I didn't exist even when all his friends were calling me over.

So what happened? Is there anything I could do? or no?

p.s. his guy friend told my other friend that he would go after me but he couldn't because of the bro code two days ago. Is that maybe why?
Did I mess things up somehow and that's why he is ignoring me?
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