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Should I wait to see if attraction comes back?

To me, this is a pretty complex situation to explain, but I'll try to be clear.

I am currently dating a guy 5 years older than me. Its is less than a week new, and I'm already having regrets about it all.

We've known each other for a year now, though I haven't spent that much time getting to know him that well. My limited experience with dating is not helping either.

At first I was attracted to him, but it seems that upon dating him, attraction disappeared.

He is a nice guy overall, but several things are freaking me out a bit.

-I feel like everything is going way too fast for me.

Barely half a day after we were officially "dating", I had already met both his parents. I tried not to think too much of it, but still. I am not used to being accepted by parents with "welcome' that sounds like 'welcome in the family'.

It's nice, but it's freaking me out.

-While I am usually quite fond of texting with a boyfriend, I get anxious when I received his texts.

-He seems to be a tad bit too eager to go further for his own good (and mine). Again, limited experience, maybe that's simply the age gap (20 vs 25 years old).

Cuddling with him is very nice, but as soon as we go kissing, my senses tell me to run. It's the first time this happens to me, I'm usually quite fond of that ! First time we kissed I felt really bad, all I wanted to do was erase the last day and refuse to see him.

I can't even imagine what would happen if he made it clear he wanted to be more physical...

-On a less frightening matter, he is clearly lacking ambition.

I am heading toward a PhD in pharmacy, and I'm going to be studying for the next 6 years at best. For a future job, I want to make research on outbreaking illnesses, while he is content with being degree-less and working 3 days a week at the local high school.

There's nothing wrong with it when it's a passion, but if you're simply doing it because it's easy and gives you lots of free time then I don't like it.

It sounds mean, but I don't think such a difference would be easy to counter.

To help you see what going through my head, I'll clear it out with a few questions :

Should I wait to see if attraction comes back ?

Should I tell him to slow down and let me breathe, or should I call it out and be done with it ?

Is it normal to feel this way ?

Keep in mind that he is a friend of mine despite this recent ordeal, and I can't simply text him "We're done, lol" ^^

I would love to have opinions about this predicament. If you are willing to help me through the different points I highlighted, I'd really be grateful :)
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Update n°1 : After several messages sent, we both said we would talk about it later in person. I guess I got a bit carried away, and he just told me to relx and have a good night's rest :)

I am amazed by the speed of the answers. I wasn't expecting it to be that quick, and I really appreciate it :)
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Goods news ! We talked last night, and reached a common ground.

We will take it slow, get to know each other better before going physical.

He told me he could wait all the time I needer. I now have something to add to the list : he is understanding. This feels way better once we talked. Thank you for the answers you gave me, talking to him was the solution :)

Problem solved !
Should I wait to see if attraction comes back?
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