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My ex boyfriend is confusing me.

To make a story short, been with my boyfriend for 2 years, we had an incredible relationship, we were both so in love, barely ever thought, he's told me many times and his family and all his boys that I am the one, and that there's no one out there like me, and that I'm the love of his life, every day he went out of his way to show me that, over the summer we've been talking a lot of marriage, he brought it up, but it also freaked him out he told me he wanted to marry me in about 2 years and then he was like omg I still haven't done anything with just friends like vacations, etc etc...this month out of nowhere he became distant, but still told me that I am his love, the one and only and to never second guess that, then a week later he told me that he knows he loves me but is not ready to continue this relationship at this moment, needs time to figure out his life...I know that there's no girls involved...so we've been broken up for 2 weeks, and he's been texting me almost everyday, some days just to see how I'm doing, some days to share a funny memory him and I shared, this weekend he asked me what I was doing, he wanted to see me but I told him I was out with my girlfriends, 2 days later he texted me letting me know that one of his family members ( who has amnesia ) was asking about me, which was crazy...then he posted a status on fb saying "if a girl understands your bullsh*t, sticks with you through all your mistakes, smiles even though you've done nothing for her, means she's obviously a keeper, but you obviously don't deserve her"...few hours later he texted me saying can you please come here and sleep here :(...I said no, you haves to figure out what you want...he never responded, yesterday I asked him if he wanted to meet after work, he texted me few hours later saying he was home sleeping, didn't end uo going to work...then he told me why he had no work, but never mentioned meeting up...I am so so so so confused! Can someone please give me some advice or some insight? Please!
My ex boyfriend is confusing me.
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