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Will he call me?

I got my oil changed today and the guy who was getting my details for the car was extremely cute. We were being extremely flirty with each other. So while I was waiting, I decided to write down my number for him for when my car was done, I could just give it to him. A different guy rang me up so I asked him if he could give him the piece of paper that had my number on it. We were both laughing when I did it. Me in embarrassment and happiness while his laughing was because he saw us flirting before and I guess thought it was pretty bold of me to do that. Not sure but I know it wasn't laughing at the idea in a mean way. So I have no idea if this guy will even call me but what do you think the chances are that he actually will? It just happened by chance and I just follow my heart for whatever feels right in the moment. I wasn't looking for anything but more than likely, I was never going to see this guy ever again. So I didn't want to pass up the opportunity.
Will he call me?
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