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Interested in my roommate?

Sorry for the very LONG question. Basically I moved in with a guy off craigslist, two months later I think I have a crush on him, but I'm getting very mixed signals from him. Obviously this is not the sort of situation you want to undertake lightly. However we are both moving out in a month or so (not because we don’t get on but due to job relocation/commute time). I realize the roommate+crush = bad. However, I haven’t felt this interested in someone in years don’t want to miss a potential opportunity. We talk at length, about absolutely nothing, often for hours at a time. We have gone for breakfast in restaurants together, and for hikes. However, it is always me saying "hey I'm doing this want to come?" However, he is not from the area so wouldn't be able to really ask me to go anywhere as he has no idea where anything in the city/surrounding area is. He will also sit through girlie TV shows in English with me (he is Spanish and we speak only in Spanish together as his English isn’t very good). In general though, I can’t figure out if he is simply bored (being new to the area and not having many friends/much to do) or he is interested and shy/inexperienced and/or freaked out by the roommate factor. I would like to do something in a way that won’t freak him out and will give him plenty of room to turn me down if he wants to…HELP!
Interested in my roommate?
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