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DO I have the right to be upset? DO I have the right to be hurt?

My crush, of whom I am also his crush, we are about to date, but he banged another girl, I got upset and hurt, but do I have that right? he is not committed to me yet and I am not committed to him so is not like he cheated on me, I just do not know why he would have sex with that girl having me, we live a bit away from each other so we can't see each other that often SO I can't help being hurt but is he right by saying is not fair on him? is it right I really don't have the right to be upset since theoretically is not mine yet, I am a bit confused here, what DO YOU THINK? Please do explain your choice thanks :)

YES, you have all the right to be upset and hurt
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NO, you don't have that right since he is not yours yet
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Is NOT fair on ANY of you
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Thanks to all that answered, I'm sorry that I wasted your time and my time too with this a**hole, tonight he told me he loved me, that he is in love with me and that he want to be with me, and well that same night just like an hour after I found out that he got laid with TWO girls not only ONE, and this is the best part, HE HAS GF! now I am truly mad and upset, he was just playing with me, he did not give a sh*t about me, he is still the f***ing player he used to be, I am really shuttered
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i feel stupid for believing his lies, I was just fooled by him, he just got my heart and broke it into pieces :'(
DO I have the right to be upset? DO I have the right to be hurt?
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