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Should I give up on him?

I met a guy a few weeks ago through a friend, and he hangs out with our group frequently. He has always treated me differently to other girls (although it's quite subtle as he is very friendly to everyone), as although he is nice to them too he definitely gives me special attention - always looking out for me, being much more affectionate, teasing etc.

Due to this I began to like him, however a mutual friend figured out my feelings (I didn't confirm he was right) and seems to have told this guy. When I saw him again along with another guy friend, they quite pointedly began talking about girls they thought were hot, and comparing who they would rather sleep with (and they would usually never be that crude when I'm around). Obviously I took this as a hint that I had misread the signs and he was not interested, which I was fine with because I would rather just know, however when we were alone he made another flirty comment about how I would choose him over some other guys. (He's not usually such a jerk, either).

When I saw him again later I acted distant and he was immediately concerned, before reverting back to acting exactly like he was before, ie. being extra kind to me, acting like he likes me. So my question is..


What is going through this boy's head?!

Should I definitely give up or is there still hope that he does like me? I should probably say that although he sounds like a jerk from this, he has up until then been genuinely lovely and respectful towards me :(
Should I give up on him?
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