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I really like her, but is it time to give up?

I've known this girl for a year and a half now. We jibe really well, we have good teasing bantering, and we flirt, too. She had a boyfriend the whole time I knew her, but then she broke up with him. So I asked her out, mainly to show her that I was interested. She didn't say yes, but didn't say no, but perhaps most telling is that she never brought it up again in the several weeks since. We didn't see each other much in that time, but about a week ago, when we did, we went back to how we acted before, flirting and everything.

But I know that it probably means a no and she just wants things back to how they were. To be honest, I don't really want to do that; I don't want to get my hopes up by continuously flirting, so I'm planning on just trying to stay away from her if I can.
I really like her, but is it time to give up?
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