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Why do you find it so damn hard to reject a guy without giving mixed signals?

Strange phenomenon with the female gender...

...a guy asks out this girl, and the girl simply isn't into him for some reason.

Why does the girl in ? find it so difficult to reject the guy w/o confusing the hell out of him with phony sh*t like:

*saying something bulsh*t like "i just want to be friends"

*giving out a fake phone #, thus confusing the dude, cauz he thinks she likes him, then gets emotionally crushed or psychotically angry (which I don't blame him for btw), when he finds out the # is fake

*saying compliments within the rejection (I call them "softening phrases") like, "you're a great guy, but...", thus confusing the guy, thinking he still has a chance with her.

*giving out her real phone # to him with the intent of "ignoring him, hoping he gets the hint" or some nonsense like that


So...maybe you don't want to hurt his feelings or something like that. Doing the above does MORE damage than a direct rejection.


B/c he walks away thinking he has a chance with you. Then when he realizes he doesn't and was "led on", then he's doubly crushed AND BITTER.

Then an "a**hole" is created, thus you're poisoning your own dating pool. GREAT job, ladies. :-X


So the ? is this:

Why is it so difficult to reject a guy, that is a stranger that you don't like, don't know and don't care about...

...without doing one of the 4 points aforementioned above?

Being on this site for awhile, I don't recall seeing a ? like this one before.

Anonym is allowed; take full advantage if you need to do so to answer fully and truthfully.

Thank you for the solving of the mystery, ladies. :)

P.S. This is the NUMBER ONE THING guys talk about when it comes to girls "playing games".
I can reject a guy w/o being "mixed"
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Why do you find it so damn hard to reject a guy without giving mixed signals?
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