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Do you think I should ask him out?

We have been friends for two years. I usually get sick of guys after a few months or they realize they have no chance but he has stuck around surpringly. Everyone always assumes we are dating because we are so close. Kissed a few times and nearly had sex but I chickened out, not because I am a virgin but I was worried it would be a one time thing you know? Last night we were out and one of my friends said I would be crazy not be with him. He really looks after me and always makes sure I get home, pays for everything even when I say no and treats me better than any guy ever has. I have always felt men only wanted me for my looks but he makes me feel like an actual person. He had a drug problem but last night he said no and just hung out with me. I am worried that if I mention us being together he will decline. Should I just continue with what we have and see where it goes or take a chance?
Do you think I should ask him out?
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