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How do people get boyfriends girlfriends and relationships?

it "never" happens for me-- guys even in close knit settings do not show interest in me or ask me out. Even guys in the past who I KNOW liked me never asked me out...life/relationships/romance love doesn't happen for me ever. If I try to pursue it I just find weirdos wanting to get in your pants...if I let it be, nothing happens. I used to picture scenarios of guys showing interest in me-- even random guys I meet places...yet no one does. So I'd just like to know--how the hell do people get into relationships? I mean I KNOW how it probably happens but won't happen for me and its so weird...im also a very pretty beautiful woman and nice and I don't get why no guy wants to be with me permanently or even date me or what not- but just try to use me...my beauty has gotten me nowhere except a**holes aggressively trying to get in my pants or people hating and shunning me... the jerks are also weird people...strange bizarre males or whoever...but it happens for everyone else jkust not me . I'm in my early 30's and can't manage to get into any relationship my entire life and I'm a virgin and beautiful and kind...I look like a guy's fantasy girl---gorgeous physically, and also a good person...yet why can't I get a boyfriend? I assume its bad luck...the weird thing is--every other human can seemingly meet a guy easily...any human can except me...also when guhys come in my presence..they are so turned on--many can barely talk to me, or their voice starts squeaking..ive even seen guys get erections while talking to me...or it happened a few tiimes and was odd...yet guys are so turned on by me yet and one wants to date or be with me? it's weird...
How do people get boyfriends girlfriends and relationships?
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