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How to show her I'm boyfriend material?

There's this girl I've known for a bit more than a year now and we've been good friends since about half a year ago. I went out with her for the first time during summer vacation, we went for a walk at the beach and a friend who knows I like her texted her "Give him a hug", she immediately gave me a hug after reading the text out loud and later when I was about to go home we gave each other a kiss on the cheek, a hug and I left. She told me she enjoyed the day and we should do it again.

2 weeks later we went out again and when I told her a few days in advance I had to find a way to get home afterward because it was too late to catch a train and she offered me to stay for the night. I agreed and we went out for 2 days instead of 1. During those 2 days she showed some signs she liked me such as when sitting in the couch she sat close against me, she was worried whether I was cold or not in the evening, she was standing pretty close to me, she laughed a lot,... and then at the end of the second day when I was about to go home we gave each other another cheek kiss and a hug, which was now a bit longer. And she thanked me.

The next time we went out we went to the movies, she wasn't really showing as much signs as she was during those 2 days but still some, such as the laughing and when we met and left, we gave a cheek kiss and hugged again. But now it was different, at the end of the day I told her I was in love with her but she told me, sorry I don't feel the same for you, but I really want to stay friends like we were and I'd find it sad if that would change, so we stayed friends.

Now I still like her, it took a bit longer for our next time going out to happen but eventually it happened. She had to go to a forest to collect leaves for school and asked me if I wanted to go with her, and I did, she thanked me, cheek kiss/hugged and we went home.

Later I noticed an artist would perform on the day which was this Friday and asked her if she wanted to go with me, she agreed and we went there. Now I felt more comfortable, she laughed even more, I teased her and she teased me a bit back, she sometimes pushed me on the shoulder when I teased her and we had a very good evening. Later I brought her home with my car and she offered me to come in for a drink so I agreed.

Once inside she gave me a drink, showed me her work for school and talked a bit about the day and about some random topics. 30 minutes later I was about to leave and we went outside, did a bit of stargazing first because the sky was filled with stars and she enjoyed the sight. I told her I should go and she gave me a cheek kiss and a hug that was longer than ever, looked out till I was out of sight and she told me a few times she enjoyed the evening and told me to text me when I arrived home.

Now I still like her very much and I want to show her I can be more than a friend, but how do I do it, should I do it and what are the signs from her side? Should I keep trying? I really love her.
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In the car I also played a cd of the artist we went to see on that day and told her she could borrow it if she wanted and she did. Also she gave me 3 other opportunities to arrange another date by being excited about a concert at the end of November and about a movie and by telling me she has a week off from school in 2 weeks and she showed me the week on her calendar on her cell phone, and I told her if she didn't have too much work we'd go do something again then.
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Also, I've been thinking it could also be because she might not be ready for a relationship and that she's not looking for one right now. She hasn't had a relationship yet and currently she's busy doing her own stuff, having her friends, not worrying and doing her school work, but I sometimes feel that it might be because she hasn't experienced a relationship yet and that she just isn't ready, is there even anything I could do to change her mind from that if it would be the case?
How to show her I'm boyfriend material?
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