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Could this be more than friends with benefits?

Obviously I have a fwb. Its different though. We will lay around cuddling and he likes to caress my legs, and my stomach. When he kisses me, its always so slow and gentle. He puts his hands on my face and in my hair when we kiss. Also sometimes he gives me these really long pecks on the lips and tries to look in my eyes. When we fool around, he always, always pleases me and sometimes he doesn't get anything out of it. He tries to make plans ahead of time. If he knows I am going out on a sat. he wants to hang out on Fri. He always sends texts to say good luck when he knows I have stuff going on. He tells me he thinks about me, and how I am hot. He also asked me to go to a concert with him, but he hesitated when he asked which I thought was weird. He always kisses me on the cheek. But the weirdest part is that he goes out of his way to please me sexually, and doesn't care if he is. Is there more too this? Does he have feelings beyond no strings attached?
Could this be more than friends with benefits?
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