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Where to look for a new love?

I'm finishing high school without ever having had a boyfriend. All of my friends have one and even my sister, who's 14 has one (so my parents think I'm a lesbian). These last few months I've been very lonely and I really don't know if I want a boyfriend or not.

I'm not bad looking, I have a strong personality (which is not always pleasant, I suppose) and I have brains. I'm pretty wild and unpredictable. Even though I've always been an "outcast" I never had problems finding guys to kiss and stuff (although I'm far from being slutty).

I fell in love for the first time and had my heart badly broken six months ago, which made me colder than ever. I'm not sure if I can fall in love, and even if I can, I don't know where to look for a new love (school is definitely not an option).

Am I weird because of that? How can I move on?
Where to look for a new love?
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