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Why do girls assume I already have a girlfriend?

When I actually don't, It kind of makes me wonder sometimes, I'm living a single life now, and to be honest I can not say I'm 100% fine with it. . . I think is good to have a special someone to share good moments with, but either way in most places when we get to the girlfriend subject or just like to brake the ice or get info they just assume I have a girlfriend, out for a drink, people I get to meet in coffee shop, in the gym, at work?. I don't consider myself a bad looking guy, besides the materialistic things, job and keeping my independence to the max, and having plenty of flaws just like anyone else, the reason why I ask this now is because I'm really wondering why would you just assume than give yourself a chance?, or maybe you're not interested, or are you shy, who knows lots of questions come to me, fact is I have not felt the butterflies in a long time, except for last year but my flower got taken away, I know that sounded corny as heck but who cares :P.
Why do girls assume I already have a girlfriend?
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