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Am I just too picky?

I am always complaining that I don't get asked out, but the reality is that I know I intimidate a lot of guys and that's why I don't get asked out. Also, I tend to be more reserved and not flirtatious so that doesn't help.

But whenever I do get asked out...I immediately become disinterested.

It occurred to me this weekend when I saw this guy at a restaurant. I went on about how cute he was to my friend and he apparently got word and came to ask me out. I eventually turned him down because it just was too easy. It wasn't exciting. I loveeee the chase. I love the unattainable.

I don't understand why I do this.

I'm starting to think that because I never get asked out...I now subconsciously believe that any guy that IS interested must be weird and therefore I find him unappealing.

What do you think?
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I want to acknowledge the fact that I completely realize this makes me not only obnoxious but quiet greedy...and stupid. I don't want to be this way which is why I'm trying to figure out why I AM this way now. Right now I can't help that my attraction fades after "winning" the guy, but maybe if I know why I do it...I'll be able to spot response behavior s better and then change them.
Am I just too picky?
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