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Should I ask him? or just bury it?

Ok so basically he dumped me back in April 2010 so I moved to Oz 2months later and I have been here since. I was crazy about him and we have stayed in contact we talk 6weeks or so since I left. Neither of us have been in relationships since and we Haven't spoken about the break up I still carry a torch 4 him but I honestly thought he was over me along time ago. Then I hear that he met my friend out the other night and was with another girl. He told my friend that he misses me and that its nothing serious with the girl. Its been so long I'm so shocked. Should I contact him about it or just forget it. I'm heading home for Xmas for 2 weeks should I talk to him or should I just bury it?
Should I ask him? or just bury it?
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