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Can you guys give me some advice?

So I'm going to kick my ass later for asking it but..sadly I will anyways. OK well I like this guy, and he's one of those popular in the way that he's nice to everyone type of way, but he also comes off as flirty like all the time to everyone. Now he's already told me that he feels more comfortable/gets along better with girls and I have no problem with that it just makes finding out if he could be into me the hardest thing ever. Well he asked for my number about a month after we met in french class, but he'd known some other girls longer and he's never even revealed to them that he could txt. I've known him about a year now and for the past maybe four five months he's texting me basically every single day..and it will be about an hour after school gets out till he has to go, or one of us gets tired. It can range from slightly perverted, funny, to just random things. In school he always starts the covo since I'm really shy, but he tends to tease me a lot/ find it amusing when I get all seriouse, and he's touchy only really in the I'm going to poke you or punch you in the arm type way. I've noticed though that though he seems comfortable hugging every other girl...I've only been hugged by him twice and both of them were from behind and no part of us touched but his hands on my neck and shoulder. It's not like he thinks I smell bad or anything either cause he's told me I smell like candy and broken dreams..awwwz =) I'm not going to ask do you think he likes me cause you can get into his mind about as easily as I can..I will ask though what do you think of the situation?
Can you guys give me some advice?
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