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Is longtime friend expecting me to make a move?

So there's a girl I've kind of been friends with since the 5th grade, and more recently have been hanging out a lot more with her and a few friends. For the first time the other night, just the two of us went out to a movie and the theater was pretty empty. The first thing she did when we sat down was lift up the arm rest between the two of us (which, the dense person I am, I actually did not notice at first). As the movie went on I was leaning close to her and we went through our normal witty comments between each other. But was she expecting me to put my arm around her or do something more? First time I had someone just lift up the armrest between us.

We're pretty good friends, so I did not want things to get awkward between us, but at the same time I feel like I missed a chance.
Is longtime friend expecting me to make a move?
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