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Why did he go from flirting and hanging out to not talking at all?

A guy and I have known each other for a year or so but I have not heard from him in a while and he just randomly started talking to me on Facebook. We have texted and chatted on Facebook about the most random stuff. there is definitely sarcasm which makes them more interesting. he said he is willing to invite me to his fraternity parties that are coming up. we both initiate the conversations equally. like for example, if I initiated texting with him earlier and then it just fades, a little later he will initiate it and we could talk for hours. we are just talking and we seem to have a lot in common.

we have also studied together. I was at the library and he invited me over to his place to study instead. he picked me up and then dropped me off at my place when we were done. we only studied and nothing happened but we still had good conversation.

Last night, when we were drunk at our own parties and such, at the end of the night before we fell asleep, the conversation was:

Him: what's on your mind?

Me: like what you mean at 2:30 am? not very drunk...whats on your mind? lol

Him: I am tired and you are interesting

Me: How am I interesting? Because I'm texting u?

Him: I don't know you just are

Me: Because I've been texting tonight at 235 am?

Him: no no no

Me: then why not...tell me lol

Him: you are a nice lady

Me: ha ha I've heard that one before

Me: **never heard

Him: sorry

Me: its totally fine. I've never heard someone say that

Him: OK cool

Me: your pretty cool too and fun to hang out with

...then we fell asleep

I am also the one who is initiating the conversations. The only time was when he was drunk and he said "hi hi" at 1 am. Other than that he has not contacted me, or at least I am the one to contact him. After a few days of no contact, I just said hey how are you, he would not respond or he would just do the one word responses.
Why did he go from flirting and hanging out to not talking at all?
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